Nancy's 5 Easy Steps to Home Ownership!

  1.  Soooo.  You've made the important decision that you'd like to purchase a home!  Congratulations!  You've already accomplished the first step and will soon be on your way.                                                 

  2.  Get your affairs in order and your credit in check.  Start saving your money!  You will need to have good credit to purchase a home, so begin now.  Make ALL credit card payments on time, ALL car payments on time, ALL student loans on time,  ALL cell phone payments on time and any other monthly payments... ON TIME!  You will be working to establish good credit and all late payments may lower your credit score.                                                                                                                        

  3.  Start gathering your personal information history... Bank statements, rent receipts,  and a copy of your most recent tax returns, a copy of your W-2s are just a few of the important documents you will need to provide to your mortgage lender.  You will soon be setting up an appointment with your mortgage lender, so be prepared to take your documents with you to the meeting.                                                                               

  4.  Consultation with your lender for a mortgage loan.  After you've met with your lender you will be provided with a "Pre-Approval" letter if you are ready to shop for a house.  If you need to work on a few things first before you can obtain your "Pre-Approval", then don't despair... we can still be exploring homes online that you'd like to review.  Most likely you have been given an amount that you will be working with for a sales price of the home that you will be qualified to purchase.  This is very important information and you will be surprised with how much buying power you have and how interest rates affect your wallet!                                                                                                                

  5. Consultation with your REALTOR!  That's ME!  After you've done your preliminary homework we are ready to go shopping!  HOUSE SHOPPING!  It's the best kind of shopping!                                                                               

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