Nancy's 5 Easy Steps to Home SOLD!

  1.   You've made the important decision that you'd like to Sell your home!  Congratulations!  You've made an important decision that may have been a difficult one.  CALL ME NOW!  240-389-4663 for expert advice on getting your home ready for show.                                                                                    

  2.  Start cleaning up your house and removing all of the clutter.  It's often easier to go room by room so that it's not such of an overwhelming task.  Start by cleaning out closets and getting rid of things that are no longer needed.  clean out the "junk drawer" and basement so that your home is neat and tidy... top to bottom!                                                                                                                        

  3.  Repair anything that is broken... leaky faucet?  Cracked window?  Toilet that needs repair?  You know your house best so if there is something wrong that you need to repair, do it now!  Brighten up the rooms!  Use bright light bulbs in lamps!                                                                                   

  4.  Paint those areas that need sprucing up.  If you have strong decorating colors, it's best to "paint to neutral" using light gray or earth tones.  Any chipped or peeling paint?  If so, scrape and paint those areas... they will be flagged during a home inspection anyway.                                                                    

  5. Exterior landscaping must be attractive.  Lawn neat and trimmed, shrubs trimmed and not overhanging the sidewalk or entrance to the house.  Plant some attractive flowers, fresh mulch in beds, no weeds peeking through.  Kids toys should be neatly out of sight (except play equipment that will convey).  No pet dishes out, no remnants of doggie's business in the yard.  And no offensive smells!                                                                                                                          

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